Optional Subjects


Optional Subjects
Optional subjects form an integral part of Mains Examination. Optional Subjects play a decisive role in result of IAS exam. All optional exams are bifurcated into two paper I & II and need 3-4 months of thorough preparation. Choosing the right optional subjects is the first critical decision that a candidate has to make and a wise and well thought of decision is critical for getting the desired result. There are certain key issues which should be kept in mind while choosing an optional subject.

i) How scoring has the subject been in past?
ii) Is there good guidance & teachers available?
iii) Am I interested in the subject?
iv) What kind of cognitive skills are required to prepare the optional? Do I have those
v) Is there easy availability of notes and study material?
vi) The answer to-rial these questions help making the right choice.

S.N.M IAS academy provides expert coaching for following optional subjects
– Psychology
– Public Administration
– Sociology
– History
– Political Science

Public Administration is a contemporary social sciences subject which is highly relevant in Administrative services. The term “Administration” related to taking care of different affairs & management of various functions like Planning, Coordination, Monitoring, Evaluation & Implementation.

An IAS aspirant will have practical exposure of administrative affairs during training sessions & in administrative services. But taking Public Administration as an optional subject in IAS MAINS will form the theoretical knowledge Base. This Knowledge Base can be further utilized in both IAS PRELIMS & GS MAINS preparation.

Public Administration as a useful, valid optional subject comprises of two paper; Paper I & Paper II. Paper I deals with conceptual framework of administration which is a sister concern of Political Science. The Topics like Leadership, Theories of Work Motivation, Communication are interesting & simpler ones especially for commerce & Management students. The chapter of Public Policy has lot of service- oriented significance because role of civil servants is in the domain of Policy Formulation & Policy Implementation. Policy sciences is considered to be a specialized subfield of Public Administration which deals with the whole process of Policy Analysis; Policy Formulation , Policy Implementation, Policy Monitoring & Policy Evaluation.

For India as a developing nation, the chapter of Development & Comparative Administration becomes very important which provides a detailed comparative analysis of various countries as well as lessons for India to follow indigenous approach. The scope of Public Administration is so wide that it comprehensively covers all the functions of the government from a Police State to a Welfare State.

Paper II is concerned with application of knowledge of administration & management into different domains of government functioning like Personnel, Police, Finance & Public sector Enterprises. AS a result, IAS aspirants are predisposed to function into various departments of different ministries because of Knowledge of chapters like Personnel Administration, Law & order Administration & Financial Administration.

In Nutshell, Public Administration Preparation overlaps a lot with GS PRELIMS POLITY & GS MAINS Paper II & Paper IV. The association networks of IAS candidates get strengthened because of lot of elaborative processing in optional subject as well as in General Studies. No doubt, Public Administration has become a very popular subject among IAS aspirants & even students opting for State Civil Services like HCS & HPAS.

There is no dearth of information & material available for preparation of Public Administration optional but GURUJI’S KIRPA, S.N.M IAS STUDY GROUP provides the genuine guidance for what to study & what not to study & how to study. The complete comprehensive, relevant & updated study material is provided to students with the help of enriched classroom teaching sessions, student’s conceptual & analytical skills are developed. Mentors are available in the institute to take regular tests to facilitate candidates writing skills.

Candidates can be rest assured by joining GURUJI’s KIRPA S.N.M. IAS STUDY GROUP the journey of IAS preparation will become lighter, meaningful & useful. IAS aspirants are welcome to empower their dreams through knowledge because of enabling competence zone provided by S.N.M. Team.


GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS ACADEMY provides expert guidance for preparation of Public Administration as an optional subject in Competitive Examinations like IAS, HAS & HCS. To excel in administrative services, knowledge of Public Administration provides a useful platform for gaining theoretical knowledge of administration which can be easily implicated in interview & training sessions of IAS.
S.N.M. IAS Study Group makes the journey of preparation of Public Administration very lighter for the candidate because of enriching, relevant classroom lectures & discussions & also by providing comprehensive & updated study material. The most significant chapters of Paper I of Public Administration like various Administrative Thinkers (TAYLOR, WEBER, SIMON, and FOLLET) undergo detailed, microscopic analytical interpretation in the classroom lectures & in S.N.M emphasis is laid on the practical implications & relevance of different administrative contributors.

In S.N.M IAS Study Group, the optional subject Public Administration gets prepared in form of a broad Network links where chapters of both Paper I & Paper II like Personnel Administration, Financial Administration & Law and Order Administration are simultaneously considered & discussed. The applications of various topics like Motivation; Leadership & Communication is discussed according to Indian Administrative context. S.N.M. helps candidates prepare applied Polity topics like rural & urban governance reforms, changing trends in governance.

Above all, Public Administration also gets prepared according to State Civil Services objective type format in which Multiple Choice Questions will be asked. S.N.M. conducts Test Series of Public Administration (objective & subjective) starting from September, 2014 for IAS MAINS, 2014.

Psychology is a science which understands human behavior. Psychology is there everywhere because human beings are everywhere. Psychology is a real life subject which is related to one’s day to day functioning. Its realistic orientation makes this subject very interesting for IAS aspirants. Even if candidates do not have any background in this subject, they can understand its basic concepts very easily because of its practicality & scientific orientation. Though this subject is studied under Humanities stream, it has its own scientific flavor of experimentation, logical analysis & statistical interpretation. Candidates having Medical, Science or Technical educational background are able to develop a rapport with this subject very quickly. No wonder, Psychology has been a favorite optional subject for IAS MAINS among doctors & engineers.

In IAS MAINS examination Pattern, Psychology optional subject consists of two papers, Paper I & Paper II. Psychology Paper I is a theoretical paper which needs conceptual clarity & Psychology Paper II is applied paper in which basic understanding of the topics studied in paper I is implemented. e.g. The Knowledge of the chapters like Motivation, Learning, Intelligence, Personality & Memory is generalized into the fields of educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Abnormal & Clinical psychology & Organizational Psychology.

The candidates can initiate the Psychology optional preparation with the help of NCERT Books, 10+ 1 & 10+ 2 Psychology. There are certain introductory books available like:-

Psychology (Morgan & King)
Psychology (Baron)


Optional Subjects
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