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S.N.M. IAS Academy is the fastest growing IAS institute in the tricity, now opening gates for new talent to enter in capacity of teaching faculty, support staff, content writers and analysts.

This is a great opportunity to utilize one’s knowledge professionally and also to fine tune one’s skill set by keeping abreast with the latest in general knowledge and teaching methodology.

S.N.M. is a highly people centric institute run by transformational leaders who value talent and encourage innovative thinking. So, if you wish to contribute to the young IAS aspirants and join the bandwagon of Leaders in IAS education S.N.M. is the place to kick start.

Dr. Shilpa Suri
BA(Hons) M.A. Phd(Psychology)

With masters degree in psychology from Panjab University, Chandigarh and Doctorate from Punjabi University Patiala Dr.Suri is teaching psychology for over a decade now.

She is very popular among students for her academic expertise and pedagogical skills. Her classes offer the following benefits to the students:

  1. Motivational expert that helps in maintaining a high morale and persistence
  2. Interesting classroom teaching
  3. Rich study material
  4. Rock solid support to her students

This plethora of benefits have been the reasons behind stupendous past results of SNM IAS study group.

Ms. Nidhi Soni
B.A(hons) M.A.(Pubic Administration) M.A(psychology)

With a teaching expertise of over 10 years in eminent educational institutes, Nidhi Soni is highly respected in academic circles for her strong knowledge base and effective teaching skills. She is an extremely dedicated educationalist who maintains excellent teaching standards and quality of content. She offers the following benefits to her students:

  1. Deep knowledge of the subject
  2. Amazing tips and answer writing guidance
  3. Comprehensive tests and perfect evaluations
  4. Interesting way of teaching
  5. All recent trends and studies incorporated in her notes

She is an empowering teacher who can infuse confidence and self competence in students through excellent training in learning techniques and answer writing skills.

Mr Manmeet Thapar
(Btech, MBA)

A technical background, industry experience and years of preparation for UPSC examination make him a very dynamic young role model for UPSC aspirants.
His skill lies in:

  1. Helping students evolve strategic methods civil services preparation
  2. Developing workable solution for the students’ problems
  3. Great mentoring and accessibility that gives strength and confidence to all students
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