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Interview Preparation


Dear Aspirants,
We congratulate you for successfully writing IAS 2018 Mains Exam. As the result for the same is awaited, we offer to assist you for interview/personality test preparation.. The Interview guidance program will commence from mid December under the tutelage of Mr. Vivek Atray (Ex. IAs) and IPS S.K. Asthana (ADGP,Chd) along with other eminent bureaucrats and educationists. Lectures on current national, international affairs and economics will be held. Apart from this, two mock interviews will be held with each student by a panel of experts and one personal sitting before the final date of interview in the UPSC. After the mock sittings a candidate is given a fair and candid assessment of his/her performance indicating his/her strength and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement. Also a video recording will be provided to assess and reflect on his/her performance.

Broadly speaking a candidate is asked questions on his/her bio-data (including extracurricular activities, prizes, medals and scholarships won during school and college days, hobbies, sports, jobs held, knowledge of his State, etc.) current national and international affairs, on some hypothetical situations to test the candidate’s mental alertness and qualities of leadership and on his subjects of study. One to one sessions will be held to inculcate each of the said qualities

Along with the fee, submit your duly completed application form with two passport size photographs to join the course.

The fee for the interview course is given below:

Class lectures, personal sittings and 2 mock interviews Rs. 1600/- OR (Inclusive of GST)
Personal sitting and 2 mock interviews Rs. 1200/- (Inclusive of GST)

Feeis to be paid by Debit/Credit Card (Bank Charges applicable). For any query related to inquiry please email to snmeducation2011@gmail.comor call 09814821057

The Most Exhaustive IAS Interview Preparation Program By SNM IAS Study Group

  • Personal Mentoring by Mr.Vivek Atray (Ex. IAS and Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker)
  • Series of lectures on Current Issues by bureaucrats and eminent educationists.
  • Complete DAF Analysis and capacity building by experts.
  • Extensive mock interviews by distinguished panel.
  • Meticulous doubt clearing sessions.
  • Comprehensive collective feedback.

Around2500-3500 candidates from those who appear in the Mains examination are shortlisted and called for appearing at the final stage of the Civil Services Examination, i.e., in the personality test/ interview. It is the final effort a candidate makes in order to convert himself/herself from a civil service aspirant into a civil servant.The maximum marks for interview are 275. A score over 200is considered a high score.

As stated by the UPSC, the purpose of the interview is to “assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service”. It follows from this that the interview process is geared towards judging the personal suitability of the candidate for Civil Services. The process judges the candidate on qualities like her/his bent of mind, ability to analyze a situation from all angles,awareness of current issues, ethical values, coherence in views, mental alertness, balance of judgment, integrity, objectivity and concern for the weaker sections of the society.

The Civil Services Personality Test is an unstructured discussion in which the interviewers allow a natural course to be followed. They provide an environment in which the candidate can give her/his views in a clam manner.

The interview board comprises of5 people. The chairperson heads the boards and occupies the seat in the center while the other members are seated two on either side of the chairperson. The chairperson begins with the questions and will guide the other members to continue the interview.

The duration of the interview is typically 30 minutes +/- 5 minutes. The personal information filled in Detailed Application Form (DAF) plays a critical role in defining the course of the interview. A wide range of questions concerning hobbies their practical application,purpose of joining the civil services, can be asked. Candidate is assessed on the basis of opinion on current/historic issues, knowledge about candidate’s education, optional subject, issues of the state candidate belongs to, international relations, current affairs etc. There can be situation based questions which seek the candidates’ opinion/response on the same

GURUJI’S KIRPA S.N.M.IAS Academy conducts an interview guidance lecture on “How to prepare for the interview” in the December for the students who have written the Main exam in October.

The main interview programmes begin a week after the Main exam results are announced. The programme consists of exhaustive lectures on current affairs, 2 Mock interviews and a personal review session.

A candidate can opt to join the whole interview programme or opt for any one depending on his interview date scheduled by the UPSC.


IAS Interview is the most crucial half an hour for the IAS aspirants. Interview can make or break the chances of final selection because it can create a difference of more than 100 marks with fellow candidates.The interview score can give the candidate an unassailable edge in the final selection list.Interviews are the time to express knowledge and perspective.

  1. Be an Early starter: Time is a crucial resource.So, start early. Don’t wait till the mains results are announced. You may miss the bus.
  2. Self Awareness: Knowledge of one’s strengths & weakness is the key to face an interview confidently. Learn to encash yourthe strengthen and overcome the weaknesses.
  3. Thorough DAF Analysis- Your biodata and DAF decide the course of Interview. Thus all the questions from educational background, hobbies, work experience should be prepared well so that one can lead and steer the interview.
  4. Right Attitude- The serenity prayer tells us to have the wisdom to change things we can and accept those that we can’t. So work on your self confidence,have a committed and focused approach,and hold a positive attitude to take interview head on.
  5. Improve Communication Skills: Language is not a bar during interview. Clarity of ideas, to the expression creates the right impression.
  6. Keep yourself updated- Newspaper reading is to be religiously followed. Information regarding current events & happenings should be thoroughly updated, specially the headlines on the day of interview.
  7. Prepare the optional and graduation subjects- Brush up recent happening related to optional or develop perspectives related to the major events.
  8. (8) Know your hobbies and dwelling- Hobbies can be first question of interview. It gives the opportunity to start well .Prepare hobbies very well. Also know the problems of your native state& district with solution orientation.
  9. Strategies the interview process. Maintain moral integrity, don’t fake or lie during interview. Keep calm and use a balanced approach in answers.
  10. Take IAS mock interviews- Rehearsals help in building confidence & avoiding mistakes .It innoculates against the stress & confusion at the time of interview.
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