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The 17th edition of the Climate Change Performance Index 2021, compiled by Germanwatch, the New Climate Institute, and the Climate Action Network monitors climate mitigation progress of 57 countries and the European Union, places Sweden on top, while countries such as Morocco and the UK are also ranked high.

The first three ranks of the overall rankings were kept empty because no country had performed well enough in all index categories to achieve an overall very high rating.

• The bottom-ranked country, the United States, therefore, was placed at 61.
• The first three ranks in the greenhouse gas emissions category, too, were kept empty.
• In the overall rankings, India is at number 10 with a score of 63.98. It is a high performer except in the renewable energy category, in which it is ranked “medium”. The report says that India is benefiting from its relatively low per-capita emissions.
• In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, Sweden, Egypt, Chile and the UK are in the top 7. India is ranked 12.
• Scandinavian countries such as Sweden achieved the best results because of their “outstanding” effort on renewable energy.
• Iran and Russia are ranked the lowest in this category. Overall, Australia, South Korea and Russia are among the lowest performing countries along with Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. China is ranked 33 overall and has an overall rating of “low”.

(GS Paper- 3/ Ecology/ Climate Change)

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