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The Border Security Force (BSF) has introduced an anti-drone technology after drone sightings increased four times along the International border in Punjab in the last two years.

In comparison to 12 drone sightings in 2019 and 32 in 2202, it has been already 45 so far this year. The drones have become so advanced that they now fly higher and thus are difficult to spot and be heard. Most drones coming in the Indian territory have their blinkers covered. These now are equipped with advanced software, exactly reach the target site and are programmed to return.

The government was already working on counter-drone technologies and conducting trials to develop radars that can help identify and detect small drones.

. Practically, one can only hear a mild humming sound if drones are flying at a height of 250-300 meters and beyond that, it is quite unlikely to detect them. The drones had penetrated up to 6 km in Punjab area in recent past.
. Besides, instances of drones carrying and dropping weapons weighing upto 10 kg were also now known.

(GS Paper-3/ Security/ Border Security challenge)

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