The SNM Advantage

Our Advantages

With the changed pattern UPSC intends to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. To meet this objective SNM has strategized its classroom modules to incorporate the latest and non conventional mediums of information

1 We work according to a systematic timetable which assure timely coverage of syllabus
2 Every class starts with newspaper and news analysis to develop a strong knowledge base of the aspirants
3 We follow a two prong approach to cover the conventional and the contemporary syllabus side by side
4 The new pattern demands critical and innovative thinking and clarity in understanding of the issues. For this astute analysis of relevant topics is done through lectures from experts and successful candidates
5 The choice of magazines, journals, newspapers also plays a vital role in the performance of the aspirants .Keeping this in mind there are weekly lectures to discuss the major cover stories ,News, Personalities and Issues in question.
6 We constantly monitor the performance of our students through surprise tests and answer writing practice
7 All major sources like Economic Survey, Agriculture Survey, ARC Report, India Year Book and Editorials are incorporated in the class.
8 Our faculty is passionate about teaching and nurturing students and are available to them to look after their academic and personal needs through one to one guidance and counseling sessions.

So we focus on inculcating knowledge ,conceptual clarity and presentation skills among our students to assure that they hit their target and meet their aspirations.

Why SNM is better than other institutes

SNM Other Institute
1. Faculty appointed is either PHD in their disciplines or have faced atleast IAS interviews at some stage Faculty is either graduates or aspirants who themselves are giving attempts even now or the ones who have not even written mains.
2. Education oriented institute with low fee structure and high dedication Business oriented institutes with high fee structure and low dediction.
3.Course duration 8-10 months Course duration 6-7 months
4. Personal attention and small batch sizes of 15-20 students No personal attention at all
5. Daily test of 5-10 questions after the class to prepare for prelims Hardly any section test, students are befooled by giving old test series
6. Daily 20-30 main newspaper discussion taken by the director himself in which articles and news are discussed to build opinion of the students Fake promises done about newspapers and hardly any newspaper is discussed in class
7. One class per week on current issues and discussion from important magazines like yojna kurukshetra Frontline PiB etc. Only conventional history geography polity are taught in the class
8. NCERTS test taken separately for each book from class VI to XII so that basics are cleared very wel Only module tests in some cases that too are seldom eveluated
9. Orientation and trial classes are given to the students before taking the fees so that confidence is developed and his capability is realized No such classes straightaway registration fee is asked for
10. Course material is concise and non bulky, faculty is candid with the students and they don’t even mind giving the cut outs from various sources like a govt. website and a ministry report Course material either too bulky or in some cases students are referred to buy some books from the market
11. A 3 week separate session covering the economic survey, the India year book,Gist of government reports and reports by other important organizations like World bank , UNDP etc are discussed Only conventional material is taught. No such prelims classes as such.
12. Faculty and directors are always accessible to clarify any doubts that mushroom during the course of prepration Students don’t know who the director is.
13. Regular interaction with Old students who are serving IAS IPS officers and are appointed at senior posts like DGPs,IGs DMs etc to get an insight of the real life service experience No such sessions
14. Once the student is registered he can study till the time he clears the exam. Either the student gets demoralized or the institute doesnot allow repeat classes
15. Resident psychologist available for continuous motivation of student during course of preparation No such provision
16. Regular anonymous feedback taken from students regarding various aspects of their preparation. Institutes work as per their own whims and fancies
17. Each module i.e geography, history, economy is done one by one for complete understanding Very haphazard and unplanned schedule which changes without any schedule
18. Success rate of over 80% in 2 years Very poor success rate
19. Students are directed to choose optional subjects according to their skill, background and interest. Optional Subjects are imposed on the students
20. Separate classes for GS and optional subjects Some institutes cover optional subjects with the GS part only
21. Genuine results and selected candidates are available to talk over phone with the candidates. Fake results projected
22. Life time support with correspondence material of current affairs which is available over the website No such provision
The SNM Advantage
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