Indian Society Questions :

Q.1 What is patriarchy? How does it effect the child socialization pattern in india.
Q.2 Discuss the problems of elderly in India.What are the different perspectives to solve there problems ?
Q.3 Discuss the social issues relating to the informal labour market in modern india.
Q.5 To what extent the Muslim Personal Law board is in agreement with Islamic feminist agenda?
Q.6 What are the major concerns of ethnic identity and religious identity in india?
Q.7 Human development approach affirms that education and health care growth are more important than economic growth . Discuss the issue in the light of post liberalized Indian society.
Q.8 Is caste system changing , weakening or disintegrating in inda?
Q.9 Disability is social than physical . comment
Q.10 Discuss the status of woman among the emerging urban middle class.
Q.11 What is Eco feminism ? discuss it with a suitable example.
Q.12 How do cast and class came together in creating the category of extreme poor?
Q.13 What are the possible underlying causes of the spent in the cast decade?
Q.14 What are the demographic projections for ageing population (60+)for the next decade?What are the implications for formatting policy for them?
Q.15 What is the impact of privatization on educational disparities?
Q.16 Distinguish between people being socially excended and people excluding themselves socially in societies.
Q.17 Examine the social dimensions of displacement included by development.
Q.18 Discuss the sociological aspects of movements for separate states.
Q.19 Analyze the role of communalism in undermining democracy in india.
Q.20 Examine the impact of secularization on various religious communities in india.

World History Questions :

Q.1 The Berlin Congress (1878) failed to unlock the Eastern questions though there was no major war in Europe for nearly three decades after the treaty contained the seeds of many future wars . critically evaluate
Q.2 The Truman doctrine and the Marshall Plan were considered by the Russian Bloc as a weapan against Russia in order to restrict her influence .Critically examine
Q.3 How far is it correct to say that the first world war was fought essentially for the preservation of the balance of person?
Q.4 “Leagne of Nations is a League of Notions” comment.
Q.5 Trace the growth of Arab nationalism after the first world war .How far was it a reaction to oil imperialism.
Q.6 Trace the significant role played by Ho Chi Minhin Veitna ’s struggle for freedom.
Q.7 Discuss the circumstances leading to the Snez crisis of 1956 and examine its repercussions on global politics.
Q.8 Was German unification achieved more by “coal and iron” than by ‘blood and iron’?
Q.9 “The impact of the French revolution (1789) was initially confined to the Europe , but that of the Russian revolution (1917) was global”. Critically reviews.
Q.10 The collapse of Berlin Wall in 1989 brought new ideas of co-operation in Europe . Comment .
Q.11 Would you agree that the Non Aligned movement played a role in promoting a climate of peace?
Q.12 Discuss the emergence of neo- imperialism in the late 19th century.
Q.13 Whoever says industrial revolution , says cotton: comment
Q.14 “ In all the long annals of imperialism, the partition of Africa is a remarkable freak”. Comment .
Q 15. How did Lenin achieve an abrupt transition from a Monarchical Autocratic to a Socialist state.


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