Duration: 1Hrs 30 Min                                                                                Marks:148

Q1. What is migration? What are the biggest causes for migration in India?
Q2. Write a short note on cotton textile industry (Problem and Perspectives in India)
Q3. Discuss the process of onset of monsoon in India.
Q4. Discuss in detail the different settlement patterns.
Q5. Describe in detail “She-Box” portal launched by Ministry of Women and Child Welfare.
Q6. How far Dindayal Disabled Rehab Scheme has has helped in rehabilitation of differently abled person.
Q7. Write a short note on hazards associated with dam building in context of H.P.                                                                                                                   (8*7=56)

Q1. What is Urbanization? How is the government of India preparing to tackle the Urbanization in India?
Q2. Differentiate between the Himalayan and Peninsula rivers of India. What are the problems and benefits associated with linking of Rivers in India?
Q3. SC is trying to save the institute of marriage by diluting the laws related to 498A .Comment.
Q4. Detention at school level may drop the literacy rate of India initially but would be helpful in Long run .Comment. (20*4=80)

Q1. Write Short note on
a) Upper Himalayas.
b) Coastal plains of India. (2*2= 4)

Q2. What are the main characteristics of
a) Black Soil.
b) Alluvial Soil . (2*2= 4)

Q3. Write a short note on family and kinship.  (4)

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