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IAS prelim is the first towards an accomplishing & prestigious career in Civil Services India. It is an objective type exam held in the month of August every year. It comprises of two paper General Studies and Civil Services Aptitude Exam (CSAT) carrying 200 marks each.

General studies test the conceptual knowledge and general awareness of an aspirant in five different subjects namely History, Geography, Polity, Economy & Science Technology. A student needs to be well versed with the basic concepts, definitions, theories and processes of the above mentioned subjects along with the current changes, happenings and advances in the fields. This exam tests the width of candidate’s knowledge and understanding .So, it requires dedicated preparation from following sources NCERT Books, Newspapers, S.N.M. IAS notes.

Regular tests should be taken to check one’s performance. For this consult visit Snmiasacademy for weekly Hindu Tests and prelims test series that starts at regular time interval. CSAT exam tests basic aptitude in Maths, English, Reasoning and analytical skills. To fare well in this exam concrete practice of numeric & reasoning problems is required. Consistent reading habit facilities reading comprehensions in English portion. Knowledge of antonyms & synonyms also help.

So, an astute aspirant should learn to choose the right material, manage finishing the syllabus in time bound manner and finding a good mentor and an institute who can be the guiding light.

IAS Prelims
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