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SNM IAS academy is the best IAS (Indian Administrative Services) coaching institute in Chandigarh. We always follow a updated and best study material for IAS for our students. We use latest version of IAS books to well support our students. We have all expert and trained teachers who help our students for their all queries and give them best updated knowledge about IAS exams.

We provide all high class technology to our students to crack this examination. This is our responsibility to provide all free IAS prelims study material and IAS books to all candidates. We update all IAS syllabus time to time as updated by government rules. Our all schedule for the completion of syllabus will be already mentioned to all students. It is very difficult job for a student that what to study for IAS if he is not in guidance of any expert or institute. So, SNM IAS academy support their students with guidance of experts and give them all IAS study material of latest version. So, if you want to become a government employee, update your knowledge with our updated and best study material for upsc and IAS prelims exam material.

IAS exam requires a lot of hard work and input from the students. It is very important that the aspirant reads right sort of study material for IAS prelims preparation. There is a lot of irrelevant stuff available in the market and the student has to be careful what is to be avoided and what is to be covered.

For prelims specifically the width of the knowledge is tested. Science large volume of syllabus is to be covered the aspirant has to concentrate on clearing the basic first. The most important part of the preparation is clearing the basic. Best source for clearing the basic is NCERT’S. We do advice all the students to not only read the NCERT’S but also solve the questions behind it and practise the long answers. That will not only help revising the concepts but also helps in improving the answer writing skills. There is a lot of trash available in the market which is to be avoided. Don’t read multiple sources for same topic. It is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. Read the Basic books, NCERT’S and notes of S.N.M.IAS academy. Besides these following books are useful for General Studies.

  • Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
  • Indian History – Spectrum
  • Indian Geography – D.R.Khullar
  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh


  1. 1. NCERT’s all subjects IX to XII
    2. Polity by Laxmikant
    3. Geography by G.S. Leong
    4. Yojana Monthly Magazine
    5. Hindu Newspaper
    6. S.N.M. Academy website


  1. 1. Geography by Majid Hussain
    2. Economy by I.C. Dhingra
    3. Economy by Ramesh Singh
    4. History by Spectrum
    5. “Indian Express” newspaper
    6. Kurukshetra Magazine

To crack the toughest exam in the country you need the best quality material. IAS hugely regarded as one of the most difficult exam of the country covers diverse range of topics. It needs comprehensive study along with conceptual understanding and quick recall especially, so as to utilize time properly while writing exam.

There is no dearth of study material available in the market ranging from general to specialized to super specialized study material. The syllabus is ever so dynamic that it is virtually impossible for the aspirant to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the exam. The only use of the conventional study material or book is for basic concept clarity hence the students should be careful that they do not overspend time with the conventional books.

To optimally utilize the study material available students must categorize the study material as:-

  1. 1) The texts that are must read
    2) The texts that should only be skimmed
    3) The time eaters

The first category of texts includes daily newspaper particularly “The Hindu” and Indian Express. The editorial section of these newspapers is absolutely essential for mains preparation .One magazine can also be referred to. Of all the magazine Yojna is the best and most authentic source published by govt. of India. Along with these basic books likes NCERT’s can also be good source. NCERT’s are knowledge storehouse and even to date many questions are asked for NCERT’s. The second category of books include most popular titles written by popular authors. This include

  • Physical Geography —> GC Leong
  • Indian Geography —> Majid Hussian
  • Indian Geography —> Khullar
  • History —> Spectrum
  • History —> Bipin Chandra
  • Polity —> LaxmiKant
  • Economy —> Sanjeev Verma
  • Economy —> Ramesh Singh
  • Economy —> Dutt Sundram

Some of these books need to be read at initial stage of the preparation. By reading the above titles prelims can easily be cleared. However the mains exam is the real deal. One should not only have the proper content for the answer but also proper presentation is quintessential.

The changed syllabus of general studies demand updated and concrete knowledge of various issues. Topics like Governance, International Relations, Security, Changing Economic Scenario, various govt. schemes Science & Technology, Ecology & Biodiversity and Ethics needs to be update regularly. One stop solution suggested for current affairs & answer writing preparation is Unique Publishers book on Current Issues. The analysis of each and every aspect of mains is brilliantly done in that book.

List of Books for GS

S.No. Name Author’s/Publisher
1 An Introduction to the Constitution of India D.D.Basu
2 Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited by Subhash Kashyap
3 Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT
4 Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT
5 Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT
6 Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Courses Evelyn Pearce
7 Know your body Reader’s Digest
8 An Evolution of Indian Economy I.C. Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co)
9 Indian Economy Dutt & Sundaram
10 Economic Survey of India Government of India
11 General Principles of World Geography Charles Farro
12 Monsoon Asia Charles Farro
13 Physical Geography of India for VII – XII Std NCERT
14 Any Good School Atlas
15 Ancient India for VII-XII Std NCERT
16 Medieval India for VII-XII Std NCERT
17 Modern India Bipin Chandra
18 History of Modern India A.C.Banerjee
19 The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers
20 Frontline and Political & Economic weekly Periodicals
21 Yojana & World Focus Periodicals
22 Statistical Methods S.C.Gupta

List of Books for Psychology

  1. 1 Psychology XI & XII Std NCERT
    2 Introduction to Psychology Morgan & King
    3 PsychologyRobert A Baron
    4 Social Psychology Baron & Byrne
    5 The Psychology of Small Groups shaw
    6 Inner World Sudhir Kakar
    7 Achieving Society David McClelland
    8 Theories of Personality Hall & Lindzey
    9 Systems & Theories of Psychology Krawiec & Chaplin
    10 Abnormal Psychology & Modern Life James.C. Coleman

List of Books for Sociology


S.No. Name Author’s/Publisher
1 Herton and Hunt, Sociology Mcgraw- Hill International, Singapore 1984
2 Abrahamson Mark, Urban Sociology Prentice-Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1980
3 Haris C. C., The Sociology Enterprises : A Disscussion of Fundamental Concept St. Martin Press Inc., New York, 1980.
4 Wilson John, Introduction to Social Movements Basic Books, NY , 1998.
5 Hamilton , Malcom, B. The Sociology of Religion Routledge, London , 1995.
6 Williams, Malcom, Science and Social Science : An Introduction Routledge, London , 2000.
7 D.K.S. Roy, Social Development and the Empowerment of Mariginalised Groups: Perspectives and Strategies Sage, New Delhi – 2001
8 Harris C.C., The Family Allen and Unwin, London – 1977
9 Andreas Hess, Concept of Social Stratification, European and American Models Palgrave, Houndmills, NY , 2001
10 Giddens, Anthony, Capitalisation and Modern Social Theory University Press Cambridge, 1971
11 Smelser, N.J.The Sociology of Economic Life Prentice Hall, New Delhi – 1988.
12 Haralombos, M, and Heald, R,M. Sociology : Themes and Perspectives Oxford. Delhi – 1980.
13 Randall Collins, Theoretical Sociology Harcourt Brace and Company, Florida, 1996.
14 Bottomore. T.B. Sociology : A GFuide of problem and Literature Allen and Unwin, London – 1972.
15 Etzioni, Amitali, Modern Organization Prentice Hall, NY, 1995
16 Cuff, Sharrock, and Francis, Perrspective in Sociology Routledge, NY 1995.


S.No. Name Author’s/Publisher
1 Mandelbaum, David, Society in India Press Berkreley, 1970
2 Srivnivas M N Caste in Modern India and Other Essays Asia Publishing House, Bombay -1962
3 Srinivas M N Social Change in Modern India Berkeley,University of California Press 1966
4 Srinivas and Shah, The Myth of the self sufficiency of the Indian Village The Economic weekly, 12:1375-1378
5 Beteille Andre Sociology Oxford, New Delhi – 2002
6 Beteille Andre, The idea of Natural, Inequality and other Essays Oxford, Delhi – 1987
7 Beteille Andre, Essay in Contemporary Sociology Oxford, Delhi – 1987
8 Beteille Andre, Social Inequality of Indian Penguine London – 1978
9 Singh Yogender Cultural Change in India Rawat, Jaipur, 2002
10 Singh Yogender, Modernization of Indian Tradition Thompson Press, New Delhi – 1973.
11 Unnithan T K , Indra Dev and Singh, Y, (eds) Towards a Sociology of Prentice Hall Culture in India new Delhi – 1965
12 Gupta, Dipasnkar, Interrograting Caste Penguine, New Delhi – 2000
13 Shah A M Family in Contemporary India Orient Longman, New Delhi – 2001
14 Chandrani and Chandrani, Essay in Rural Sociology Rawat, Jaipur -2000
15 Desai, Neera, and Krishnaraj, Women and Society in India New Delhi – 1990
16 Singer Milton and Cohen B.S. Structure and change in Indian Society Weener Grin Foundation for Anthropological Research 1968
17 Sharma K L (ed) Sociolo Inequilities in Indian , Profiles of Caste Class, Power and Sociol Mobility Rawat, Jaipur 1995
18 Gallenter Masrc, Competing, Inequalities Oxford, NY 1998
19 Joshi, P C Social Science and Development: Quest for Relevence Hasr-Anand Publication, Delhi 1995

List of books for Public Administration

Chapter-I: Introduction Mohit Bhattacharya: New Horizons of Public Administration Nicholas Henry : Public Administration and Public Affairs Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration
Chapter-II: Theories of Administration D. Ravindra Prasad, V.S. Prasad and P. Satyanarayana : Administrative Thinkers D. Gvishiani Organisation and Management: A Critique of Western Theories.
Chapter-III: Structure of Public Organisations : R.K. Jain : Public Sector Undertakings; and Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration
Chapter-IV: Administrative Behaviour Paul Hersey : Organisational Behaviour OR Stephen P. Robbin : Organisational Behaviour
Chapter-V: Accountability and Control: Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Accountability
Chapter-VI: Administrative Law: Massey :Administrative Law OR M.P. Jain :Administrative Law
Chapter-VII: Administrative Reforms: P.R. Dubbashi : Administrative Reforms G.E. Gaiden :Administrative Reforms
Chapter-VIII: Comparative Public Administration: Ferrel Heady : Public Administration-A Comparative Perspective OR R.K. Arora : Comparative Public Administration
Chapter-IX: Development Administration: Ferrel Heady : Public Administration – A Comparative Perspective OR R.K. Arora : Comparative Public Administration
Chapter-X: Public Policy : IGNOU Lessons on Public Policy R. K. Sapra : Public Policy
Chapter-XI: Personnel Administration: O Glenn :Stahl : Public Personnel Administration S. L. Goel : Personnel Administration in India.
Chapter-XII: Financial Administration M. J. K. Thavaraj :Public Financial Administration OR G.S. Lal :Financial Administration in India IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration.

PAPER II Indian Administration

Chapter-I: Evolution of Indian Administration B.N. Puri Administrative History of India (Vol. I, II and III)
Chapter-II: Constitutional Framework D. D. Basu An Introduction to the Constitution of India
Chapter-III: Union Government and Administration A. Avasthi Central Administration
Chapter-IV: State Government and Administration J.D. Shukla State Administration
Chapter-V: District Administration T.N. Chaturvedi District Administration; and Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on District Administration
Chapter-VI: Local Government S.R. Maheswari Local Government in India
Chapter-VII: Public Sector in India R. K. Jain Public Sector Undertakings Annual Survey on Public Sector of Department of Public Enterprises
Chapter-VIII: Public Services S.L. Goel Personnel Administration in India
Chapter-IX: Control of Public Expenditure M. J. K. Thavaraj Financial Administration IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration
Chapter-X: Administrative Reforms P.R. Dubbashi Administrative Reforms S. R. Maheswari Administrative Reforms Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Administrative Reforms
Chapter-XI: Machinery for Planning A. Avasthi Central Administration
Chapter-XII: Administration of Law and Order K. K. Sharma Law and Order Administration in India K. J. Guha Roy, District Policing
Chapter-XIII: Welfare Administration Annual Reports of Department of Social Welfare
Chapter-XIV: Major Issues in Indian Administration Special Issue of Indian Journal Public Administration on Indian Administration, Retrospect and Prospect and on Good Governance.


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